Greenhouse Soils

Soil is the foundation of every garden. Its purpose is to supply the roots with oxygen, water, and nutrients.

We supply Central Oregon with high quality specially formulated Rogue Soil. Call us at (541) 699-1602 to get the latest pricing. Ask about delivery options.

Rogue Soil was born in the hills of Southern Oregon and Northern California that make up the Outlaw State of Jefferson. Each bag is filled with a diversity of the best available natural compounds layered together to create a nutrient delivery that is usable, non-burning, yet full throttle!

Texture, Drainage & Water Retention

It's easy to get caught up thinking about what nutrients and amendments are in the soil, and those are important, but perhaps the most important aspect of any soil is actually its texture, ability to drain, and overall water "holding" ability.

For example, in order for a cannabis plant to grow and thrive, it needs a good mix of both water and oxygen at the roots at all times. Too much water prevents the plant roots from getting enough oxygen. A plant will lack oxygen at its roots if it has been over watered and, on the flip side, if there's not enough water retention the roots can be injured from drying out too quickly. If the plant begins to look droopy it is likely being overwatered and if it is looking dry or dull it likely does not have sufficient water retention. For our example, a soil with a light texture that is good at balancing the retention of water would yield the best results for growing cannabis.

Good Soil

  • Appears dark and rich
  • Loose texture
  • No big chunks of wood
  • Holds water without getting muddy (you want wet soil, not dirt-batter)
  • Drains well (doesn't make a pool on top of your soil for more than a couple of seconds and doesn't take forever to drain out the bottom)

Examples of "Good" Soil Ingredients - Composted forest humus, sandy loam, sphagnum peat moss, coco coir (sometimes labeled coco fiber), perlite, earthworm castings, bat guano, fish meal, crab meal, bone meal, blood meal, Azomite, pumice, kelp, dolomite lime, mycorrhizae and leonardite. This is not a comprehensive list but includes some common examples of cannabis-friendly soil ingredients.

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  • Different blends to meet any needs for any cultivator.

Unsure about what soil is best for your application?

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Soil Pricing

  • 2 cubic yards: $330 Rocket Fuel
  • 2 cubic yards: $355 Rogue Farmer

Signs of Good Soil

Soil supplies: essential nutrients - water - oxygen - root support - hosts beneficial bacteria

Organic Platform

Organic growing is production without the use of synthetic chemicals, genetically modified organisms, growth regulators, or destructive additives.

Texture, drainage, and water retention are the key components and differentiators of soil composition. The nutrient content of a plant’s tissues is directly related to the nutrient content of the soil or growing medium and its ability to exchange nutrients and water with the plant’s roots.

Soil maintains a diverse community of organisms that:

  • Help control insect and weed pests and plant disease
  • Form beneficial symbiotic associations with plant roots
  • Recycle essential plant nutrients
  • Improve soil structure

Fun Soil Facts:

  • “We know more about the movement of celestial bodies than about the soil underfoot.” Leonardo da Vinci
  • A handful of soil has more organisms than the total number of humans that have ever lived.
  • One teaspoon of healthy soil contains up to 1 billion individual bacteria.


Rogue Soil

With Rogue Soil you know that every blend has been mixed in a state-of-the-art facility using the cleanest materials in every batch. Most blends are pre-inoculated with mycorrhizal and trichoderma to assist with increasing the availability of nutrients to the root zone. Most blends are also inoculated with a nutrient package that is perfectly balanced to get your plants on the right track. Generally speaking, you will not have to feed your garden for the first week to two weeks after transplanting into Rogue Soil. Different blends will have different medium compositions which will affect how often you have to water and allowing you to feed the system with more nutrients.

The Launch Pad

Blends such as The Launch Pad will be nutrient rich and are great for outdoor cultivators because of its ability to retain high levels of water as well as its pre-amended nutrient package in the soil. The soil is resistant to being dehydrated by the sun.

Rocket Fuel

Blends like Rocket Fuel are going to have great drainage due to the increase in coco fiber and peat moss and decrease in worm castings. It will still have great water retention, but not as much as the Launch Pad, as it is generally used for indoor and greenhouse cultivation.

Organic Options

For the 100% Organic Farmer, Rogue Farmer is a soil that can be used in all styles of cultivation from outdoor to indoor. It has the same amendment package as the Rocket Fuel, but has more worm castings and less coco fiber than the rocket fuel, enabling it to retain more water.