Why Light Dep Greenhouses?

Using a greenhouse enables you to have greater control over what your crop does when. Blackout systems and blackout curtains are a key control mechanism as they allow you to stage crop cyles or control when the flowering stage occurs by creating blackout zones. Blackout curtains even allow for multiple crops in different stages. Blackout systems are the same thing as light deprovation systems aka light dep systems.

In order to protect your crop cycles from being altered by light pollution, (street lights, house lights, etc.) light dep systems are required. Varying fabrics have different levels of light transmission as well as insulation properties. Some systems even provide controls that help you with energy savings.

Doors, fans, shutters, heaters... How to keep the light out!

Blackout film enables you to control the light that gets to your plants. Section off rooms, create knee walls, or use on exterior walls to prevent unwanted light from entering your grow space.

Here at Hortitech we know how critical controlling your growing environment is so we have a blackout kit or material (for custom projects) for each greenhouse light dep solution you require. We offer custom sizing on all kits; give us a call for a quote at (541)480-9392.

Greenhouse Light Dep Options

  • Custom Greenhouse Light Dep
  • Blackout Fan Kit
  • Blackout Shutter Kit
  • Blackout Door Kit
  • Blackout Curtain
  • Hortitech's Swing & Slide Double-Wide Blackout Door